Pischinger & Dermota


The sense of music you can’t learn, you’re born with it.

Pischinger & Dermota, two artists from the wonderful city Vienna, are blessed with that talent. But what makes
their sound unforgettable is not only this talent, it’s their love for music, the love for what they do – and first of all
their friendship.

Michael Pischinger, 22 years old, and Julian Dermota, 24 years old, know each other for four years. Just as long
as they turn out songs and spinnin’ records together. Their music is located somewhere between trendy House,
Tech-house and Techno, just because they don’t accept borders. On the whole, Pischinger & Dermota aren’t
committed to one style but to an impulsive, atmospheric and
diversified sound and to the fact that all is handmade.

Producing “four to the floor“ and performing it in clubs around Europe,
they really know how to party. But they’re also familiar with making pop
music to bring the spirit in your livingroom or even in your car.

This year Michael Pischinger and Julian Dermota have released their
first album „Reisedrang“, including the highly clicked and extolled
Single Release “Can’t Breathe“ on 35 Grad Records. In addition they
work together with other artists and labels: The remix of “Heart of
Stone“ for Johann Sebastian Bass on Vienna Wildstyle Recordings
has just been published. So, keep your ears open – ’cause when you
hear really good music Pischinger & Dermota can’t be far!