Andrea Dee

Artist / Writer
Pop, Alternative, Indie
London, UK


Andrea Dee is truly an international artist. Born and raised in Paris, her histoire d’amour with music began in Le Coin Des Artistes, Montmartre. Aged 18, Andrea spread her wings, enjoying her first stage experiences as a third-generation showgirl in Las Vegas. The bright lights of New York soon captured her imagination. Composing her own music and refining her elegant, yet sultry voice, Andrea began establishing herself in the big city.

Now living in London, the time is right to release her debut album, Truth and Dare. Duality permeates the album, reflecting the world around us against an electro beat, and layered retro musical journey.



Somehow (Official Music Video)

Everybody (official Music Video)

Not Sorry (official Music Video)

People (official Music Video)