What are 35 Grad Artist & Label Services?

  • Digital and physical distribution in cooperation with a strong partner: Believe Distribution Services
  • Licensing for national and international compilations, sync for film, brands, games,…
  • Rights management
  • Support and Administration

We are individual...

  • Besides the full service, labels and artists can scale their individual package by choosing single services
  • Usually no costs upfront
  • Optional services like PR & marketing, mastering, CD and/or vinyl pressing bookable

We work for...

  • Small independent labels who want to focus on their music and their artists, not on bothering paper work
  • Artists who want to release their music as a „self-release“ without a label

We live transparency and fairness...

  • No hidden costs
  • Generally understandable contracts
  • Real-time analysis about your sales activities
  • Clear financial statements